I want to know how my guitar rates fot my genre

It's a Fender Mexican Stratocaster also has a humbucker pick up.

If I were to upgrade, what is the next step?

Where does this stand?

If I'm not mistaken, I do think it's a "beginner" guitar but would still like to know more about it.
I wouldn't exactly call it a beginner guitar, it's more in the lower-mid range. The humbucker would work great for punk rock, if it was all single coils then I wouldn't recommend it.
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A beginner guitar IMO is anything in the >£250 range, obviously that opinion differs from person to person, a Mexican made Strat is a midrange guitar/for an intermediate player.

If you get a HSS Strat, (basically a strat with a humbucker in the bridge position) you will be fine
I think they handle that kinda stuff very well. i have one with all single coils and i play it more than my Gibson. The Mim Strat has a more sharper attack for that type of music and if you have a nice melodic Hi Gain tone it will sound very good.
I see. Thanks for the replies everyone!

Seems like my guitar isn't a bad guitar.. phew.