I'm getting (hopefully) a set of Duncan Blackouts for my main guitar to replace the stock pickups. However, my guitar has a H S H pickup configuration, and I don't know what single-coil-sized active pickup to put in the middle slot. What sort of pickup would be best to put there? Anything with good cleans would be brilliant
Also, Piezo pickups? Yay or nay? Would it be a good idea to install a Piezo system alongside the Blackouts and middle pickup somewhere along the line?

I'm also hoping to customise my shitty first guitar. New neck, pickups, perhaps a decent bridge to replace the crap Licenced Floyd (which feels like plastic) and definatly new straplocks. I'm sure I can get hold of all the bits and peices, it's just a case of "How the hell do I put it together?"
Also, could anyone reccomend a good set of passive pickups good for cleans, but can still sound clear under massive gain?
Any advice/instruction would be greatly appreciated

Sorry about the wordy-ness.
I've Heard if you go active.... ALL pickups have to be active. Some kind of electrical problem. ( If I'm wrong I'm going to have 20+ ripping me a new one) Believe it or not... EMG has some great active single coil pickups.