I am going to learn violin again, the last violin class I went to was really bad, so I decided to leave. And now I am going to go to another class.
I have some questions......

- How do I play violin by looking at sheet music? For example, I have to play a 'C'. How can I find the 'C' on the violin?

- What is the range of the violin?

- Would it be a good idea to start on a smaller and violin and then switch to a full size violin? Or if I do that, will I have to start over again? :/

- Could you suggest me some violinists to look into? So far Samvel Yervinyan is my fav.

- Could you also suggest some EASY violin stuff to pratise? I am a beginner.

- Link or something to some online basic violin lessons and stuff.

-For middle C, the C right below the bottom line of the treble clef: if you start diatonically from the open G string (the lowest thickest one), you will get G (open), A (1st finger) B (2nd finger) C (3rd finger).

-Range is from the low open G (G3) to however high...depends on how 1337 you are.

-You need a full size.

-Jascha Heifetz for romantic era concertos, Itzhak Perlman for all around, Isaac Stern for classical, Nathan Milstein and Yehudi Menuhin for "exotic" classical music, David Oistrakh, and my favorite, Henryk Szeryng. Modern violinists like Anne Sophie-Mutter, Hilary Hahn, Sarah Chang, and Kyung Wha Chung are good too.

-Suzuki volume 1 maybe?

-Let's not beat around the bush. Violin is an expensive interest. Don't skimp on a good teacher.
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Get a goddamn teacher.

I believe I mentioned in my first post that I am going to go to a class.