Its ****ed already. It started making the odd popping noise here and their and now its all the time. It also burts into spontanious screaching sounds etc. Not happy. Tube problem, or somthing worse??
Sometimes you get lemons.

I'm not sure exactly. I have heard of the rare issue of the software freezing or something like that.

Did you get the amp shipped to you? Cause that could cause for the tube to move around a bit.
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I would pull the two power tubes and preamp tube and spray the tube pins with contact cleaner and make sure they are pushed in all the way. This popping sound and screeching happened with my Valveking once and the reason was because a preamp tube was not seated all the way down. So one of the pins of the tube arc'ed to the board. Luckily it didn't do any damage but it could have. Do these things and then report back. If it still does it, then utilize your warranty.