About a year ago I decided to take a look under the pickguard of my Squier Bullet, left it in my closet, and poof! all of the wiring inside was ****ed up. Basically, Ive got an empty body now, ive got my pickups, wires and volume control, but I cant for the life of me figure out how to put this bad boy together. Ive looked at several wire diagrams but they all look like spaghetti to me. If someone has an easy/step by step way to rewire my strat and make it work, thatd be great.

edit: i do have a solding device and am willing to spend a moderate amount of money on this (think 30-40 euros tops)
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This one for example. My main problem is though that I simply don't know where to begin, seeing as this is my first time for this kinda thing. I was just hoping there was a sort of step-by-step guide I am also contacting fender atm to get my hands on official diagrams.

go there and you can select any wiring you could possibly want. Im pretty sure theres a thread for this.. Ultimate Wiring Thread? Check in the GB&C Hub at the top of this forum.
EDIT: found it: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1019006

But really, you have 2 options:

1. Take everything off, use a wiring diagram and go from scratch
2. Take out and replace one part at a time, soldering the wires to the same place on the new parts

good luck!
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I'm starting to get the hang of the wires now, thanks to official diagrams by fender. A practical question is: do I put the pickups, knobs and all that shiz in the guitar body, and then put on the pickguard, or do I put them into the pickguard from the back, and then put the pickguard including wires into my guitar (like in the picture)? Sorry if that didnt make sense.
/double bump. do I put my wires in the pickguard, and put that on the guitar, or do I put them in the guitar and then put the pickguard on?
okay. there are two options as to how to do the wiring
A) I can put the pickups and wiring on the inside of my pickguard, and then put that complete package in the body
B) I can put the wires and pickups in the body, and finally put the pickguard on.

Which is the preferable method?
put everything on the pickguard first then just screw on the pickguard with everything on it on the guitar body. dont forget to run wires to go to the output jack cavity one for hot and one for ground.
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