Good song man. Singing and guitar work was good, very tasteful, along with good lyrics. I liked the solo, it fit perfectly with the song. Overall there's nothing I dislike about the song, I just wish the vocals could be louder. Your voice is good, it is a little pitchy here and there, nothing that noticable, not as bad as my voice lol. Just keep singing, you got the voice.

Besides that, keep up the good songwriting. Thanks for reviewing my tunes by the way.
I really struggle recording vocals without a guitar and I don't have two mics so this is kinda a problem for me.
haha, this shit is awesome.
even though the chord progression could've been a bit more creative, the singing fit the mood perfectly and the tremolo-picked "solo" or bridge or whatever was pretty cool too.
i reckon you should move your mouth closer to the mic when singing to get a bit more definition in the vocals, or even just turn up the volume of your vocals, as they were definitely the selling point of the recording.

good luck with your "awesome girl" and have fun getting stoned haha

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I know I always have that problem. Sometimes I like writing melodies and other times lyrics, but i'm hardly ever able to mix them. I just do basic progressions to get the words out but then later can't spice it up.
I think that either you sing not loud enough or the guitar is too loud, it's hard to hear lyrics. The simple chord progression is enough for this mood. The solo seemed a bit out of rhythm for me. Your vocals seem good, but definitely needs to be louder. You should try adding more instruments, programmed drums and bass to "spice" it up.