Hello! I've been playing classical guitar (nylon strings) and electric guitar for a good 2 years now and recently I been craving for a steel string acoustic, which I think is a good addition to my collection. I am a hobbyist, so I've been looking at primarily 2 "begginerish" guitars for now. They are the Fender CD-60 CE and the Fender T-Bucket 300 CE, both cutaways and with a built in preamp (both features are a must for me). So, the price difference is not that big at my local dealer's place, but I am wondering if the T-Bucket just looks better but isn't actually a more quality instrument. Basically, which guitar would you recommend? Please share your opinions on the sound both plugged in an amp and not, build quality, general tone and so on. Appreciate the help and if you wish to recommend a different product, by all means do, as long as it is a cutaway steel string with electronics of reasonable price. Thank you in advance!
Both of the Fenders you're looking at have laminated tops. This is to be expected at this price point. However, the 300 CE has a laminated maple top instead of the 60 CE's laminated spruce.

I would expect that the 300 CE would have a stinging high end, and the 60 CE to be more mellow. Maple is notorious for good bass also. You would have to listen to both of these guitars as I am speculating as to the sound.

If you're going to primarily play plugged in, you might try an Ibanez in this price range.

Legend has it that the Ibbys sound worse unplugged, but better when amped. Again, you need to listen. Ibanez has their "Exotic Wood"series, but they're at the $400.00 dollar price point. (It's a shame that they're not a bit more forthright and call them their, "Exotic Plywood" series).

You might have a look at the reviews on the 300 CE here: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/fender-t-bucket-300-ce-cutaway-acoustic-electric-dreadnought-guitar They are slightly mixed.

You also might add Yamaha to your list of prospective purchases. I'm liable to be threatened with being banned, if I don't put in a plug for them here at UG.
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the laminated maple top is only a thin veneer of maple over another wood, so it probably won't impart much maple tone if any. while i prefer the sound of laminate tops in most cases, and i truly do prefer the unplugged tone of the entry level yamahas to other brands, but depending on the guitar, fender comes second, but the cleanest sounding of their acoustic electrics is the tim armstrong hellcat, probably due to the combination of its solid mahogany top and maple neck. there are 2 catches with the hellcat - no cutaway and the looks appeal to some and are a big turn off for others. also it's got a bright sound, which you may like - or not.

i, too, suggest you try the guitars if possible. often while the "on paper" specs of some guitars suggest they are very similar, the sound and feel are often quite different.
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You might want to take a look at Walden; after wading through oceans of Ibanez guitars I ended up with a Walden N550CE with a Presys+ pre-amp (It's got nylon strings but there's a steel-stringed equivalent, the D550CE)

It might be a bit over your price range but I don't think by much!
These Waldens really do look awesome, solid wood too. But I notice that they don't have strap things (I really don't know the word ), so is putting in ones later a good idea or it may damage the construction and the tone?
Taylor Big Baby Its a little more pricey but you won't want to upgrade. Its amazing sounds better then the other ones, You will not be disapointed. Promise.
Mine does have one, but it's just one. I'd assume the other models have at least that same one.
With that you either use the kind of strap that attaches on the soundhole, or you attach one end of the strap to the headstock with a shoelace.