Better delete those messages
My thoughts are very misleading
While daily thoughts travel at a steady pace
Streamline like high speed internet without a trace
Millions messages are sent to me
About 26 years worth
Back when I was a young sperm
Hatched from a roosters egg

Sentences lined up to form a river
Caption flowed across reaching westbound
Like traffic moving steady
Sometimes very unstable to the brink of insanity
When I'm sitting there downshifting gears
Annoyed, tired, and uninspired

Wish I could use the remote controller
Hit the pause button for once
Freeze anything together
Forget everything about her

Computer screen is blurry
The image very stable, prayed about it
In the mists of a cold sunday morning
Gloomy overcast with a blanket of snow
Coffee tasting so good
Warmth and comfort
A remedy for sunlight
Oh how I need you

thanks for your input, let me know what piece u wrote and ill critque it or ill find one