I've read the pick up thread on this forum but i'm still a little stuck. (I'm useless with hardware issues).

I want something a little heavier than the factory pick ups on my Epiphone Les paul custom (Alpine White ) but not sure what to go with?

My budget is £80 but willing to go higher in I find something I LOOOVE.

I play through a rocker 30 so my ability to get a 'heavy' sound is limited. Hoping that some decent pick ups will help that.

Oh and I don't want to go active unless completely necessary.

Thank you! Jamie x
check out seymour duncan. their pickups are great and affordable. what about the Seymour Duncan alnico pro II slash?
What do you mean by "heavy"? There are a few ways that can be interpreted. Give some examples and it might be easier to give opinions. Also, are you looking to change both pickups or just one?
Irongear Hot slag. I swear by these pickups!
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By 'heavy' I mean a more metally tone. Closer to a peavy 5150 for example. I'd like to keep my treble pick up because I am familiar with that and never use the rhythm pick up. But i'd be willing to change both if I find the right set

sorry for my vagueness