I'm tryng to start learning some solos from such a guitar legend as Marty Friedman.
I learned Trust and A tout le monde solos, but I want to learn others. Unfortunatly (or maybe not) 80 % his solos is really hard or it got hard parts (for example the last lead in Thunder March, I learned the 75 % of the song and then, when I saw last par I was like O_O wtf?).
Maybe not a whole solo, but some licks he used in his song.

advice: you need to play the hard parts (even the whole solo) really slow and faster little by little in order to play it full speed accuratly .

Yeah, I know it (thanks anyway), I'm practicing like that the last part of Thunder March but I still have some problems. I played a year, so I think its not a strange thing I just want to learn Marty's solos or even some lick because I bought the guitar when I listened to Rust in Peace.