I'm buying my first tube amp and need something affordable, so i'm debating between the Jet City JCA2112RC and a Vox AC15C1. I own a Les Paul Standard and play mostly hard rock, blues, and a bit of heavy metal. I realize i would probably have to run some pedals to get a certain tone, but i've read good reviews about both of them. I want to get as close as I can to an old school Aerosmith sound. The only downside I see to the Jet City is that it only has one channel. What are your thoughts about these two? Are they both loud enough to play bars over an average drummer? Thanks in advance
Jet city would be more suited to what you play.
1 channel isnt really a problem you can use your guitars volume knob to clean it up.

The only kinda tones you'll need pedals for is heavier metal where a boost like a tube screamer up front would get you into the territory its got enough gain for hard rock on its own.
Jet city id say all the way! they are nice but their high gain isnt the best i hear, but they sound amazing!
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jet city, much more versatile and better distortion. the vox has a better blues tone but the jet city has a good one too. jet city are great value for money because of how stripped down they are. 20w cant hurt either.
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Both would be a good choice though my vote is on the AC15, simply because having tried both, the Vox had a fuller, more satisfying sound. To my ears anyway! No time to elaborate, sorry!

How does it take pedals? Doesn't have an effects loop does it?
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How does it take pedals? Doesn't have an effects loop does it?

I used a TS-9 with it which sounded killer, but didnt try any others so I cant comment much further. Na the lack of an fx loop sent me towards getting an AC30, though it isnt that important really.

You'll get your Aerosmith sound easily, but you wont touch modern heavy metal with the Vox one bit! It depends on the level of versatility you want I guess. As always the advice is try before you buy!!
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why only those two amps?

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Based on the reviews i've read and the price range. I'm open to any suggestions though..