Anyone out there stick with the thumb pick as opposed to just a regular flat pick when strummimg/picking. I've heard over the years that a thumb pick is rather hard on the bridge-anyone experience that?? could you have more control in the picking using a thumb pick??
I tried a thumb pick once and I just couldn't get used to it, and found when I tried using it I ended up just randomly hitting strings when I tried to actually pick notes out instead of strum. So I stick with normal picks.
A thumb pick really isn't supposed to be a replacement for a flat pick. Primarily it's used to bring a flat pick type of sound to the steel string when playing finger style.

I wouldn't think it would be even worth trying to emulate the complex rhythms you can obtain using a flat pick. Thumb and finger picks are used with slide guitars a lot.

I've seen Roger McGuinn use thumb and finger picks on the 12 string. Works for him but, I wouldn't want to attempt it.
Nah, I've never had any success with a thumbpick (or fingerpicks, for that matter...).

I find it very hard to accurately gauge where my thumb is/which string I'll hit when I pick, and find a big difference in volume from thumbpick to normal fingers, which I don't get when using my bare thumb.
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I don't always use picks, but when I do, I prefer thumb picks.

I don't know, I guess because I mostly fingerpick anyway. so flat picks are kind of silly to me. also, I always drop them. no matter what.

thumb picks take some getting used to, definitely. the hardest thing for me seems to be the volume issue. the control gets easier after a while, but then you need to be careful your bass notes aren't way louder than the rest of them.

unless that's what you're going for.
When I started using thumb picks, I found them very hard to work with as well.

They are not necessarily louder, cause if playing solo style, all the sound emitted is (imo) perceived relative to each other.

I will explain;

When you use the thumb the volume is lower, but they emit more low end due to the flesh of ur finger.

This low end drowns out the dynamics and the sound of the other notes which essentially makes them often being perceived less loud.

I don't know if this concept has a scientific name, but it's something I noticed.

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i'm usually a fingerpicker who does occasionally flatpick. i didn't find that thumb picks are hard on the bridge, but then i don't touch my guitar's top or bridge when i play, no matter how hard i play. it took some doing to find a thumb pick that fit my thumb fairly comfortably, but i do find the thumb pick is great for my fingerpicking - not really suited for strumming for me, though. i did find that different thumb picks along with different techniques have different tones - some are bright or brittle, some are warm, and the one that fit me was actually the one that sounded closest to the sound i get from my actual thumnail.
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