does anyone know how good the Carlsbro Rebel amp is becuase i know someone who is selling one for cheap and i have never heard of them before. is it worth the buy?
if anyone can find any videos of one in action then that would be awesome
Carlsbro well known for quality performance and design presents the Rebel 60 delivering 60w of solid attack.

Its commanding pre-amp features allow you to shape your guitar sound for maximum effect. Pure warm tones so notable, come into play on the clean channel using the 3 Band EQ. Switching over to amp mode, the user friendly dial-up procedure gives you high performance drive, lead, thru’ to metal and fuzz.

Patch bay facilities include Headphone and Tuner Outputs, Send and Return and Aux In.

An outstanding Carlsbro Powertone 12" speaker controls the overall sound and kick-proof metal grille and strong corners for on the road protection.

When their product description has that many grammatical errors in it, I wouldn't trust an amp they put out.

Just my opinion, of course.
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Carlsboro was a respected name in musical instrument amplification back in the day, being based nr Mansfield Notts, UK.

I suspect the rump of the company is here:

If its cheap, and sounds OK, I'd go for it.

This amp is being marketed by this co. apparently:

But produced in China?

or not