Hey, for Christmas I'm looking to buy a Fender Mustang amplifier or the Vox Vt20/40+. But I'm not sure whether they will be loud enough in 20w form to play with a drummer and my friend who is using a Peavey Vypyr 30w, not cranked loudly.
But I want a drumset too, but I will put off the drumset and get the 40w if 20w isnt enough.

I play Rock, Indie, Alternative and Some Metal.

Mostly Alternative (Foo Fighters, Nirvana)

I use a Epiphone Dot and SG

If anyone can help me, this would must appreciated dudes!

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First, which do you care about more, the drumset or the amp?

What genre of music do you play?

Sell the MG, take all the money you got and buy a decent amp.

What kind of gear do you have?
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I'd say the 20w isn't enough personally, but its debatable. If you want to have the volume needed to always be heard I'd get the 40w. If you don't mind having to kind of tailor the drums and other guitarist's volumes to you then the 20w will be fine.

For me I like to have more than what I need so I can get a nice 'seat' in the mix... Its not just about loud enough, its about the appropriate mix for what you're playing.
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