excuse me if i am a bit behind, but ive been looking about for a new amp, and ive stumbled across these amps that ive never seen before, and they look okay actually! can any of you tell me if they are good or not?

Yamaha THR10
Orange Crush PiX 35LDX
Marshall MG50CFX(the carbon one)
Blackstar HT-5R (And the HT-5 head, i like that.)

Also if any of you can tell me if these amps are good.

Jet City JC2112RC
Marshall MG100HFX
Jet City JCA20H
Fender Mustang V 150w
Free Delivery
Vox Lil Night Train Head and Cab Set
Marshall MG100HCFX(carbon one)
Laney LV300H
Peavey Vypr 100+75
Marshall MG101FX

im sorry if its a bit much but i really need to find the best one for metal, rock and good clean sounds. And if you have any other suggestions, im open to them thank you.
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