yes so i have just got an mxr phase 90 (script!!)
i have no dirt pedals at all!!! i do however have:
ehx chorus
bbe soul vibe (univibe/leslie)
mxr carbon copy delay
boss/fender reverb

think thats it.where does the phaser go in the chain?
wherever the fuck you want it. Your rig, your sound.
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Oh, effects chain... nevermind
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try asking in the GG&A forum. they'd know how to help.
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Depends if you have it set on stun or kill.
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i would say before the delay, but after the crybaby. not sure where if you'd put it in front or behind the chorus though.

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My boss phase is better!

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It depends how many sounds you want affected by it. Everything that comes after it in the chain will be phased, everything before it won't be.
I don't know.

I do know, however, that a phaser used on a fuzzed tone sounds boss.
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Time-based effects go at the end of your chain. I don't believe a Phaser is a time-based effect, so my first choice would be this:

BBE Soul Vibe (univibe/leslie)
EHX chorus
Boss/Fender reverb
MXR Carbon Copy Delay
Try it in every position, you hear where it sounds the best! It can fit almost anywhere, but of course the different is the position, the different will be the results. Choose the one that's best for your style, it's a matter of taste.