I have a 1978 Westbury Custom. Its pretty nice when i got it it would never stay in tune though like i tune and after 5 minutes its untuned. The guitar is ancient i guess thats why. Anyway i took it apart years ago and than i moved. and during the move i lost a part of the bridge. Its the thing that screws in and holds the tail piece in place. Ive been trying to find it for sale but i dont even know what its called. Heres pictures. I hope you notice the piece im talking about its the one thats missing. I assume the standard and custom are the same size the only difference is that mine are gold plated but i would take anything as long as it would work! also can tuners be reconsctructed? if so how much? or are new tuners needed?


thanks a alot dude. Its just 8 bucks ima order see it maybe it fits it would save my life. I live in the united states thoguh is this website from the us?
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thanks a alot dude. Its just 8 bucks ima order see it maybe it fits it would save my life. I live in the united states thoguh is this website from the us?

Yessir. Just got a box of stuff I ordered from them the other week. They're located in Athens, OH.
Does anyone have some advice on the tuners? They wont stay in tune and thier gold plated and original. Where can i reconstruct them? can i just take them into any guitar shop?
Can you provide a better picture of the tuners, both front and back? You might be able to find a set of Schallers that can replace them without having to drill new holes.
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I'd just buy a new set of locking tuners. I prefer Sperzel, but you gotta find what's available for your hole size.
Before buying new tuners make sure everything the strings roll over is nice,smooth and lubed. Polish the bridge and use some Mr. Duck's axe wax and I use a pencil in the slots of the nut.

Shame to buy new tuners when it could be something else.
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www.Guitarfetish.com has good tuners for super cheap, and very nice. They have Sperzel stly lockers for $36ish for Gold plated.
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Thank you so much pacman!!! My order just got here and they fit PERFECT!!! my guitar is complete. I got the gold plated ones and it looks very nice you cant tell at all and the tail piece fits perfectly and the post feel super firm they exactly the same size as the original ones. I'm not putting any more money into this guitar its actually for sale right i just put it on craigslist! I have my 1989 ibanez rg 560 with evolutions, its the poor man's JEM!

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New tuners are fine, but do you know how to stretch and break in a new set of strings? Unstable tuning can be the result of new strings stretching. not worn tuners. If the new tuners won't keep the strings in tune, stretch the strings the right way.
Great project. Keep it up.