Is it odd that I prefer to use a pick when playing bass vs fingers? It makes a much more clear articulate sound in my opinion. I know of very few bass players that use picks (eric avery is about the only one that comes to my mind)..... Does anyone else prefer pick vs fingers??
Yes. It suits the music I play.
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Most people end up doing both depending on the song. I find a pick helps with rapid patterns on a single string or a couple of strings and suits heavier songs and i play more rhythmically. With fingers I play across the fretboard more and tend to play more melodically. Most songs come down to preference though, I don't think anyone here is going to tell you there is a right and wrong method.

As you've noticed the sound is different.
Love the sound of a pick for some stuff. Lot of elitism almost against using a pick but its just a tool, if you like it go for it. Would love to use it more but I get some awful pains in my hand after using it for a few minutes.
Elitists who think bass can be only played with their fingers are massive douchebags. What you described on your post is perfectly normal, you shouldn't think otherwise. Sometimes the pick tone is actually better than fingerstyle for rock and metal, I usually try to get close to it by plucking hard and using some overdrive.

Some other good bassists who play with a pick are Justin Chancellor from Tool, and whoever played bass for Deep Purple in Machine Head and Burn.
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uuuhhhh... Paul McCartney

what above posts said. I use either depending on song and desired tone. It's good to be flexible with your skills.
Matt Freeman of Rancid. Generally a lot of the heavier rock bands have bassists that use picks.

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uuuhhhh... Paul McCartney

I thought he used his fingers and strummed like that.
all depends on personal preference, style, and sounds. whatever suits you is what you should do.

Also, Eric Avery is super rad

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Picking is a rather guitaristic way to play the bass, hence most people who would prefer to play it that way tend to prefer playing guitar altogether—that's why it's uncommon. Other than that, it's not a wronger or righter way to play ...just different.
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Dave Ellefson from Megadeth uses a pick, always loved his lines.

Perfectly fine to use a pick. Though I manage to get a picked-tone with my fingers after observing a fair bit of Steve Harris, he has a great finger technique for cutting through the mix.
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Both, doesn't matter what you prefer, whatever works best for the track.
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I prefer fingers though I do play with a pick time to time.
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Verily, 'tis not an oddity that thine employ'eth a plectrum, goodly jsspang. If thine style suits thee, thine fellow minstrels and ye audience then 'tis nary an oddity at all!

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tried picks, don't like them for myself ..
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I don't use picks that often, but there are songs where you th to yourself "Hey,using a pick might sound better than using fingers in this song".

There are some bassists use picks (Eric Avery, Mark Hoppus, Relient K's bassist, etc)
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For hard rock pick is the way to go. Good example is Duff from Guns N' Roses. And of course Jason from Metallica. I like using pick bass but that's maybe because I play guitar more often than bass.
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I use both, it all comes down to the sound that you want for heavier stuff I think pick is the way to go but anything softer than maiden I'd use my fingers depending on how fast you have to play.
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Duff McKagan, Dave Ellefson, and about every punk bassist I've ever seen, use picks. They seem to compliment heavier styles better, but there are ways to get close to the pick tone with your fingers. Try to learn both finger and picked bass.
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I'm pretty sure you can't use a pick on a bass. At least, I've never seen anyone do it.

9/10, nice execution
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I use whatever suits the song really, both pick and fingers have there pros and cons. Just use whatever feels / sounds best. Also for Bassist who use a pick how hasn't anyone mentioned Chris Squire yet!
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