I asked the idiot at my local guitar shop for some Steel Strings for my Acoustic Guitar, he sold me Electric Guitar strings, Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Wound strings to be precise. My question is, can I use these strings without having to make any adjustments to the Truss Rod?
Can't you just return them and get acoustic strings? If they're the same guage, they'll probably be okay.

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To answer your question, yes, technically you could put 'em on your guitar with no adjustment and they'd play like a super-light gauge (I've done it myself once, by accident, with those exact same strings, or ones very similar), but it's not going to sound good at all. The reason being that acoustic steel strings are generally bronze wound in the bass, whereas electric guitar strings are nickel wound, and the nickel doesn't ring nearly as well as bronze. Like I said, you could use them, but I'd recommend leaving your old strings on until you can pick up a new set, unless obviously you already discarded them. Hope I helped!
these are the gauge equivalent of acoustic extra lights. while they will work on your guitar, they won't sound as good on your guitar and the lighter gauge may have mild buzzing. i use 10's on some of my guitars, and often they need a slight truss rod tweak.
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