Hey guys,
im looking to buy a new amp. i could either get an orange th30 or blackstar ht40. ive been playing for a while. currently have no pedals and want an amp with a decent amount of gain but could also do cleans well. ive got a jackson dk2m and play anything from jazz to death metal.

Are you playing live? Because I would suggest an Orange Dark Terror, but the cleans aren't really very loud.
going to be playing live soon. i know blackstar cleans are good but what about the orange cleans at high volume?
buy both, and if you like the backstair better give the orange to me -.-

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This cant be a serious question the orange hands down
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The Orange will get you killer doom, stoner and sludge tones, but it won't nearly be tight enough for death metal (maybe if you boosted it, but even then). The Blackstar is more versatile from what I've heard, but it might not have enough gain on tap for really heavy stuff.


Take a look at that link and post all the details included and I'm sure someone could help you find the right amp
Y'all don't say that
^It will do better than the Blackstar any ****ing day.
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Better cleans, better gain, more economical for home use (switchable from 30 to 15 watts and from there you can flick a switch to pull two power amp tubes).
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^It will do better than the Blackstar any ****ing day.

Yeah it certainly will, but there are more suitable/versatile in the same price range. I love me some Orange tones but its not a death metal amp by any means
Y'all don't say that
The TH30 is great, but if you really need the versatility the orange I'd be looking at is the rockerverb 50/100. Bit more cash, but it'll get the heavy tones and if you look used it wont be much more than the TH30.