Now that I know the scene at all but isn't this just that over-played Deadmaus track added some guitar parts and audio samples?
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This isn't really metal and dubstep... it's a dubstep track with random guitar parts thrown in
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Deck Disciples- noun (Dek Dih-Sahy-Puhls) 1. Create only the filthiest revolting sounds the human eardrum has ever heard, with a message to be interpreted. 2. Produce a uniquely unsterilized genre of music called Deck Metal, that can be combined with Dubstep and Heavy Metal; but you try describing it for yourself... 3. Define a new era of a politically informed generation that will not be blinded by the world, but enlightened by the pollution the world brings. 4. Bring to the deck what you've been missing in your world--- some real Deck Musik.

What a joke. Dubstep already sucks, adding random distortion guitar to it does not change that.
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