I dig! I think some of the bends you were doing were unison bends on the original recording and it might sound better if that were included, but you nailed all the notes otherwise. Good work
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Nice cover man, although I am a GN'R fanatic so please excuse my pickiness! You got most of the notes right, but some parts were a little off in the sense that - either the wrong ones were used (but still in key, u didn't play a note out of the scale) playing some parts on different parts of the neck even thought that doesnt really make a difference lool.

Technique wise, it was pretty good but there's definitely still room for improvement as there is for every guitarist.You should try to get some more emotion in the playing like putting some more feeling into every bend and vibrato, there's a difference between playing with the song and playing with the tempo of the song if you understand what I'm trying to get at.

Never the less man, it was a solid cover, everything was on time and in tune so good job! I hope you take my critique as constructive!
Thanks for all the feedback guys, I will definitely work on the stuff you've said. Cheers!

devilzdj4: When you said some of the notes I use aren't the same as in the original, are you talking about the part where Axl is still singing? Thanks
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Good job Ryhee, before looking at everyone else's responses, I was going to say it felt like you were missing something. You were hitting all the right notes but it just felt stale. But like it's been said before it just needs more emotion, other than that stellar job.

C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX7aCg-QWTw looking to get over 1000 views for this one so i'd figure i'd put it :P
Hey man, thanks for commenting my video!

Very solid cover men. Really good bending and vibrato, everything sounds really tight to me, your tone fits perfectly too. As to the emotion thing - yes, you always can put emotion to your performance, but I think that the fact you played this well is more important for the moment, keeping in mind that your playing was really good.
Nice cover man. Not one of GnR's better solo's though if you ask me. Try and relax and put a bit more feel into it!

I've just put a cover up on the forums
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Hey, nicely done. The bits that you did change up were still in key and sounded good, and the tone fit the song nicely. I agree with others that you were a little lost in the mix when you were doing that bend when Axl was singing, but everything else came through nicely. I also agree that what you played could've used a little more emotion as your playing looked just a little "bored". Apart from that, everything sounded great. It just needed that little "something" to be a better visual performance. Good job though. A solid 8/10.

BTW, thanks for the listen on mine .
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Pretty good cover man! You just missed a few notes during the solo from what I've heard.

That being said, you should loosen up when you play because it comes across as a little stiff sounding to me. That song and solo benefit much more with fluidity and a smoother playing technique.

Work on your vibrato as well. It seems as though you apply very little of it as you play. Just practice a bit more and the whole thing will be perfect.

You can check out mine if you'd like. It's on my profile in the MP3 section, just click my name.
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Hey man cheers for the critique!

playing is pretty solid man. You've got decent technique, that double stop bend at the
beginning was mad tasty and well tuned. Nailed it pretty good, I really can't fault you much.

Your tone was a little dry though, bit o' verb would complement it nicely. Also as others have mentioned, get working on your vibrato. There were a lot of times I was thinking, "damn. Needs vibrato".

Other than that, Kudos!
That would work. Play around with the delay time, but keep the blend pretty low. You should be able to get an effect resembling reverb at the least!
for the future just lower the backing track but other than that awesome playing look forward to the next cover you do
Great solo, good tone but maybe u could have used a dealy pedal or something. I also think that u could have but some more feeling to it, used more vibrato and slide, but otherwise u really owned that shit. Great job!