I got a slab of ZebraWood. (It suppose to sound like ether Rosewood or Maple, if you want to know) The measurements of the slab of wood is 50 " long by 6 inches wide by 2 inches thick. Its a perfect amount to combine 2 17" slabs (34" long) and a little tiny piece just to tip the bottom (You wouldn't see the line of the spot where I glued it because of the grain) about 9" long (34+9=43) (The rest of the wood ill be using to test dyes, stains, tung oil, etc.)

Anyway, I was wondering, once I have it glued up so its a square and I can fit a Les Paul body shape onto it. How would I do the wiring cavities? Since on a real Les Paul they route the cavities on the Mahogany before they add the maple top. But I don't have that option. I was wondering what I could do to make the wiring cavities? Is there a machine out there that can cut off maybe a 1/4 or a 1/2 of the top of the wood so that I could route out the cavities and then glue back the top?

Thanks! :P

Here are some pictures of the wood i'm using, maybe it can help you, or just for your enjoyment

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That's is what I did last time. It worked but took forever because I soldered a metal pole to a drill bit. Lmao
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Because then I will have a huge black guard doing through the back of the guitar

oh i forgot about the cables...yeah ^that seems like the better idea
Rout from the back, and instead of using plastic to cover the holes, you can buy Zebrawood Headstock Veneers for cheap. They're about 3mm thick, and should be large enough to cover what you route out.

EDIT: Or, make panels to cover the cavities with spare Zebrawood from your planks.

In theory, a bandsaw could be used to take a 1/2 inch slice off, to serve as a top piece. You'd have to be very careful though, maybe some sort of jig.
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