Song is up as a rough draft on my profile in 10 min if you want to hear it.

strangled my nerves with a pocket watch
i didnt bother to rewind
saw the mayor come down from the pulpit hatch
in between swigs of dark wine
jerusalem is a pumpkin patch
the holy are just biding time
for the reckoning
and the reckoning is coming
every day
the snowy night when i followed you
down to the execution block
i wiped you down with baby oil
attached electrodes to your private spots
scars inside of your linen robes
sealed veins popping out of your skin
as if they knew what the electricity would do to them
when you reached the mahogany chair within
they’re gonna
kill you
for loving your son too much
they’re gonna
kill you
for loving your son too much

john roberts sleeps well tonight my darling
john roberts sleeps well tonight
cant fight tonight my darling
neck strapped down staring at prefiltered light
chin nuzzled by a piece of gauze
arms tied like sterling's wings
before the hunt whistle sounds
and the bird in your voicebox sings

they’re gonna
kill you
for loving your son too much
they’re gonna
kill you
for loving your son too much
Is this about Christ's crucifixion? I'm confused, but i'll keep analyzing this till i get it and come back to comment.

Very interested so far.
Stopped reading at 'pocket watch'. Archaic for the sake of archaic?

Seriously though, that was good. I liked the overall ominous vibe. My best guess is that this is an execution of a child molester? I love that line 'John roberts sleeps well tonight'. I think it implies that as a judge ruling for execution he's no better than a regular murderer.

Well done.
it's got the ew factor, but in a good way I guess ...
not going viral

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As soon as I read 'pulpit' I started reading in Sage Francis' voice. That should most definitely be taken as a compliment.
Very well written, with that intriguing sense of ambiguity as to the meaning - two valid opinions on the executee (Is officially now a word) already.
To play devils advocate, I'm going to say it's entirely a metaphor for a parents death and the regret of not seeing her/his son grow up.
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