Poll: Does one's sex/gender change your view on what they say or do?
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So, I wrote a short story and passed it around to a few people to get some opinions on it. One of my friends showed it to his friend, who said it was awesome. My friend then told him it was written by a girl and his friend replied with "...oh. Well, it's okay." Wtf?

Here's my question. Does the sex/gender of the author affect how you perceive it? This can go for music, art, or anything else too. As a knee-jerk response you would of course say, No, if something's good, it's good, regardless of who created it. But think about it this way - take your favorite book and imagine the author was the opposite sex of what he/she really is. Does it read any differently to you now? You just found out your favorite guitar piece was composed and performed by a woman, does it sound the same? You get the gist.
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I perceive women to be better at pretty much everything that isn't sport. Sport is the only thing we got.
No, not in the slightest.
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I probably should have voted yes. It makes it feel different to me, but certainly not negatively. It just gives the thing a different aura in a way... not quite sure how to put it. Sort of how a band with a female singer just has a different atmosphere to a band with a male, even if it's the exact same genre.
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I find bands with girls in them to be less interesting/cool. Tigers Jaw being an obvious exception.
Yes, not on purpose, but with the example of books it influences how I read into symbolism and certain characters etc. I feel like if fight club written by a woman it would be interpreted completely different, based almost purely on how badly marla is treated, and that shes the only female character.
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Whether I really want to or not, it does.

But to be fair, it makes sense a lot of times. If a woman was to author a book describing the struggles of a female protagonist, I think things would greatly change if I learned a man actually wrote it; the story might seem somewhat less realistic, since women tend to be more in touch with the situations attributed to their gender.

Forgive me if that post wasn't well-articulated, or just doesn't make sense... I'm out of it right now.
I wouldn't find it to have less quality, but I might interpret it differently.
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On this subject, I find it disturbing how rare girls are in modern rock music.

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Unfortunately yes. It affects me (and probably most of you whether you want to accept it or not) on a subconscious level.
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When it comes to music, the only time sex/gender matters is with vocals. With books and stuff, I guess it would depend on the story and characters.
Really? I'm the only one who voted the joke option? Come on.

OP: I know its sexist, but if I heard a shreddin electric guitar solo, and then you said "that was a chick," my second reaction would be, "well that's damn impressive/sexy." My first reaction would be, "Orianthi?"

EDIT: I would really just be inclined to be surprised when someone defied a gender role and I wasn't prepared for it. I would be disappointed if I found out some great desert I thought was made by a dude was made by a girl (who according to stereotypes makes tasty things all the time). I would be surprised if the dude made it when I thought it was the girl. So...sexist, but equally sexist towards both genders.

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It affects my judgment, but it isn't the "deciding" factor so to speak. It puts things in perspective in regards to that person. If "Catcher in the Rye" was written by a female instead, would I still love it as much? Yes. But it would also make me think about the implications of a woman writing it.
Yep. I rarely read books written by women because they don't appeal to me, but I have a funny feeling that those two things are related.
if i heard some great music and found out it was written by a girl, i would be turned on and probably become prone to liking it even more
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Yes, but not in a bad way.
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I find bands with girls in them to be less interesting/cool. Tigers Jaw being an obvious exception.

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Most of the time it gives it sort of a "cool" factor since girls/women usually suck and making stuff that I enjoy.
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I never really pay attention. Maybe when it comes to vocals, but only because a song would be easier for me to sing if it was written for a woman's range. "Friends In Low Places" remains elusive.
Upon further thought, I've come to believe that there are cases where the creator's gender should affect how you perceive it. Understanding the motivations, circumstances, and mindset of an artist is often crucial in understanding their work and gender/sex is often a pretty important circumstance in one's life.
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This is a really good question. When I read something, I perceive a feminine or masculine authorship based on the language and style used, but that doesn't necessarily relate to the actual gender of the author. It's part of the character of the writing, but I don't know for sure how knowledge of the author's actual gender affects how I read something.

"Voice" is always important, both the actual narrator/singer/speaker, and the implied author behind that, and gender is one aspect of that voice. You can't ignore it when you hear a singer, but what about authorship? I always thought there was a certain sexiest story being told in Garbage songs, for example, where Butch Vig wrote many of them specifically for Shirley Manson to sing. I don't think I would have heard them the same way if I didn't know he had written them.
depends on the work.2 b honest i sometimes think if a woman is commentating a sport she has never had the experience of playing her opinion means less than a man who has played

ie. grid iron
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I put no, because I don't think it affects the perceived quality of the work, but it's definitely something that affects the way you read books. I'm not even sure why, but reading books written by men and books written by women often have subtle differences based on the gender writing them.
It doesn't change my perception of its quality, but I've always believed that having some knowledge about where someone comes from (in this case, their experience as their particular gender) allows for a greater appreciation or understanding of what they do.
I generally view art made by females to be a copy of a man's art. I suppose this might be a nershald view of the
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It depends on many things. I some cases, yes, in most, no.

The only example I can think of is that I tend to prefer male voices in rock and metal music. Not because gurls cant sign lol, but because I don't feel the female voice compliments the band or vice-versa. Somehow it makes the song or the band sound poppy. (not all the time obviously. The female vocals in Ayreon and Devin Townsend's music are brilliant.)
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Yes, kind of. But if it is impressing, it's still impressing no matter who did it.
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No, not at all. At least not in terms of better or worse. Sometimes, for example with a book, I will imagine it to be different than what it is before i've read it, depending on who it's written by....am I making sense there :s: ?

And sometimes, like with your situation TS, if someone handed me a short story I can guess whether it's been written by bloke or a woman; but it never influences whether I think it's good or not, or whether I like it or not.
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My best example was when I discovered that the singer of Arch Enemy was a woman. But it wasn't negative, it actually made me really interested that her vocals were that awesome.

Same live, too.

It was more of a positive spin.

When it comes to music aside from vocals, though, I couldn't care less. Same with books. I don't think anything would change much to me if a guy wrote Harry Potter.
I tend to find that I enjoy rock chick's video clips more than rock dudes' when I press the mute button.
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Yes with music. No with art. For e.g. men sound better singing and can play stuff better if it needs a lot of attack or needs to be sustained. As for art well, .. I know that's not true ..
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