Rough demo - Skuff Mullet
New at recording and mixing so any feedback would be appreciated

What you think? Recorded in my garage with:
M-Audio Ultra 8R
Cubase SX
PRS SE Special
Boss GT8
Ibanez Bass
Marshall 100w bass amp
Laney 120 guitar amp
Tama drums
Zildjian Cymbals

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Rock on!!!
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that was ****ing awesome haha. perfect mix of raw rock n roll and in your face punk.
the recording quality of the drums was awesome and the vocals fit the music perfectly. solo was nice and pushed the song into a new level. i especially loved the vocal layering, and the sense of epicness it added.
rhythm guitars were a bit muddy but nicely done indeed.
good job and thanks for the crit on my video
this is pretty good, love the guitar during the verses, maybe have a rhythm guitar during the guitar solo too. I like the guitar solo, It sounds like their could be like group vocals singing/shouting the lyrics are the end

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Thanks for postitive criticism guys - yeah I think we might re-record some of the rhythm keep rocking - more to come soon
I enjoyed this track, but i think some variation of the guitar parts for the verses and chorus could spice it up, nothing drastic though, just some subtle differences. Loved the solo, the rhythm guitar drops out for it obviously, but the bassist could add some punch to make up for the loss of rhythm.

Overall a nicely done track, proof Garages are more useful for bands instead of automobiles seriously why waste all that space on some silly car:P

Nice Job!
That was good nice punky raw feel I liked it I'd turn up the solo a tad maybe more distoriton to it to make it more in your face but other than that it was a good tune man!
Thanks for the crit man, I liked the way the guitar sounded, almost like the bottom end of wah tone... Don't be afraid to put a bit more fuzz in there though. Also, maybe crank it up in the mix a little more to make it stand out? I felt the vocals were too loud compared to the guitar especially. I liked the solo and the ending was pretty cool too.

All in all, your band is a whole lot better than mine. Good job.