Alright so i wrote this song for a girl i like a while ago and its been sitting here for a long time and i have decided to continue it.

First of all, if it even comes off as "Emo" its not, its simply about expressing my feelings without the stereotypical "I love you" message, but feel free to share your opinions

Share my frustration


I can explain it
How about we
Share my frustration?
How I feel inside
Sometimes it feels like
I cant do it on my own
So why dont we
Share my frustration?

(Verse 1)

I try to understand all that you say
And i know just how you feel
Like how ive always tried to lend a hand
And help you break your fall


Share a lifeline
That got lost in time
Should we start over again?


(Verse 2)

So I question myself in my mind
What should i do from here?
Should i follow you
Blindly until I reach the truth?



Sometimes i feel the envy
Take hold as I
See how he is with you
Its sad to know
I know im left out



You know id kiss you if I could
But i know the consequences
But should i still
Follow through?