I'm at work so I don't have a pic yet, but I'll post one later when I get home. I saw this speaker at a local goodwill and was wondering what it was. i did some research and didn't really come up with anything, so let me know if you guys know what it is and if it's worth picking up for $20.

the back of the magnet says :

Musical Instrument Loudspeaker



a sticker on the side reads: SLM G-1238 8 OHMS

stamped on the back of the cone is: 3 26 072

without pictures, does anyone know what this is?

its obviously a SLM speaker made for Ampeg, but i couldn't find anything else on it.

thanks for the help and i'll get some pics later.
Well since Ampeg is mostly/all guitar amps....it goes to reason the speaker is from one of their amps.... that said, I hear they have good speakers as a rule.... $20.00 used, if it works ok, sounds ok.....
it's actually a brand new speaker, so that's why i thought it was a little strange. it wasn't pulled from an amp.
here are the pics i got...hopefully they're good enough. anyone know what this speaker is?

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I like my Ampeg speakers. Seriously they don't sound bad at all paired with the right amp.
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guess i better go snag it before someone else does. no one knows what amps these originally went in though or any info at all? i've never actually seen an ampeg labeled speaker
went ahead and bought it...hopefully i'll find some use for it in the future. in the mean time, i'd still like to know some info about it if anyone knows! thanks!