I've been looking at a variety of semi-hollows sub $800 and I wouldn't mind some input. Thus far I've looked at the Schecter Corsair, Epi Sheraton II, Epi ES-345. It was a toss up between the Corsair and the Sheraton II, but then I was introduced to the 345. What are your opinions? Is there anything else I should consider for the money?

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Is there anything else I should consider for the money?



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I have a Sheraton II and love it. But there's a huge variety of Epis to consider right now. There're limited edition Epi 345s, 355s, and also a 339 that all look nice. The 355 is the same price as the 345 I believe and IMO is nicer. The Riviera shown above is good if you want P-90s and a Bigsby. If you would consider fully hollow then look at the Emperor Swingster Royale or Casino.

But definitely also consider Ibanez, Hagstrom and Gretsch. Ibanez in particular has a good selection of semi-hollows that will fit your budget. A friend of mine has the Gretsch 5122 and it's sweet as well.
at your budget, you have a wide variety of options. Most people will say Ibanez Artcore, Epiphone, Gretsch...i have a soft spot for the Sheraton II though. If your budget was lower, i would say a dot, but for now, i must say Sheraton II. Keep in mind i don't experience with the 345. So i can't comment on it.
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That is...actually really nice. Though probably not worth it since I intend to switch out the pups at some stage.
i have a prs se custom semihollow, it's pretty amazing to play. if you are into prs's for about $6-700ish
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