Found a Schecter Omen 7 string online that I'm a tad interested in. Anyone have any experience of these guitars? Are they just cheap shit or otherwise?
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Are they just cheap shit or otherwise?

very much otherwise.
One of the few affordable 7's. Pretty good guitars for the money.
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My Damien 6 is the model above the Omen 6. I've had it three years and it has served me well. With a few mods like maybe pickups and tuners, you can have a beast of a guitar
A lot of people are very happy with the Omen 7. With a change of tuners and pickups, it'd probably be a decent guitar.

I would totally pick one up if I had random cash lying around.. Just to mess with.
I had one of these and also owned the omen6 as well i found them to be nice guitars the sound of the stock pick ups were nice but you may want to change the pickups it stayed in tune very well never had a problem with that..and the neck was abit flat which is what i like very comfertable to play..for the money you probley cant beat it i say get it..i loved this guitar but later traded it for a fender roc pro 1000 head and crate 4x12 cab lol im not much for the 7string but it really is a nice guitar
I also had one for a while. It was a great guitar for the money. It definitely didn't feel or play like a cheap guitar.

My one complaint was the neck - it never felt right to me. And the neck joint on these is very big and blocky. After playing a couple Ibanez 7-strings in the store I found that I liked the shape/feel of their necks much better, and the neck joint on them is tapered for easier fret access.

So if I were to pick up another 7-string it would be an Ibanez hands down. But to each his own. The Schecter is a great guitar and I would have kept it if I had liked the neck better.
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