I know the DL4, Verbzilla, RV3/5 and Ernie ball volume pedal but what about the rest?

Bluesky strymon, Tubescreamer (not sure which model), Boss Tuner (again not sure on model) Boss RC-20XL (the big red and black one)

Not sure about the rest
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Orange PPC212

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Ibanez Tube Screamer
Boss TU-3
Boss DD-3
Boss BF-3
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Jim Dunlop DC Brick
Top Pic; Excluding what you've mentioned, I see a TS9, an MXR Dyna Comp, an MXR phase 90, a Boss tuner, a TC Electronic unit of some kind, a Cuddly Toy, and what looks like a Strymon effect of some kind (the blue unit at the end). Not sure on the large box next to it.\

Bottom Pic; Only two I recognise, aside from those you've mentioned is the Keeley Four Knob Compressor and the Fulltone ChoralFlange
strymon timeline is that big grey one with the green display.
two knob red one is an mxr dyna comp
blue one next to the timeline is a strymon bluesky
there's an mxr phase90
ibanez ts9
keeley compressor is the one with 4 silver knobs
in the last picture the top left pedal is a boss PS series, could be the ps-3 or ps-6 that are more renowned.
big red in the last picture is that boss looper drum thing i think
the choralflange is a fulltone choralflange
in the first picutre the pedal next to the timeline is most probably a TC electronics stereo chorus
I love how there is another Timeline on the other board that is fuzzy in the picture.