I'm the new Messiah
- or maybe just the old
I'll grant your every desire
I'll give you silver and gold

I've got the build of Adonis
I've got the face of a god
I know there's gonna be no slowness
When you see the size of my wad

Gonna show you a new kind of living
Gonna give you a new kind of giving
Oh yeah!

I go one better than Midas
'Cos platinum's the shit that I touch
We don't need no one to guide us
No one else matters much

And once I take you to Heaven
You'll never want to descend
Your pleasure will go to eleven, baby
I'm not talking percent


I'm smarter than Einstein
I'm hotter than June
Believe me, baby, you'd see sunshine
If I showed you the moon

I'm a teenage, bona fide superhero
I'm playing the game
I'm cooler than Steve McQueen or Bob de Niro
Got you in my aim