I'm looking for new ways to spend my boring days. I've recently been laid off from my seasonal job until the Spring. I was playing a lot of MW3, but I accidently scratched my copy Monday, so I haven't been able to play it. I really don't want to go back to COD either. Last year I spent my entire winter playing Black Ops (such a waste of time), and with MW3 I've started yelling at the TV (something I've never done with video games before). I'm afraid if I buy another copy of MW3 I'll just waste another winter.

I have started playing more guitar & piano these last couple days (which is awesome), but with my attention span I can only play for about 20-30 minutes at a time, then I'm bored again.

I also wake up now with the urge to start drinking & to get high. I don't necessarily think there's anything wrong with that, it's just now that I'm unemployed I'm trying to reduce money spent on alcohol/weed.

I was thinking about joining a gym (still might), its just kinda hard to drop the $$$ on a years membership when you're trying to budget/conserve cash.

So if you have any suggestions on ways to kill time that do not involve video games, alcohol or drugs, or guitar playing I'de love to hear them.

(trolling the pit gets kinda old too)
Get a job? <:

Solves all your problems!

As for killing time, you pretty much listed my methods (Pit, guitar, video games - in that order), so can't really help.
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-Read. Find something you are interested in, and research it as if you were at college. Make sure you are genuinely interested though. You will soon become a mini-expert of the topic. Read fiction, too.
-Go onto new forums, and see what you like: a change in pace or a new topic in a forum can make things interesting. The DIY board on a certain unnamed image board is rather excellent and quite applicable to real life, so long as you are patient (see instructables.com).
-Learn how to fish, if you have the patience. Maybe try a hobby like photography: talk to myself or anyone else in the Photography thread for this. You need money for this.
-Play guitar (hey, this is UG) - try fusing genres: a challenge and quite fun.
-Read my music reviews.
-Give unmotivated or uninspired people advice on killing time.
-Learn to cook. Essential and healthy - you don't need a lot of money to do this.
-Make a list of what you could sell and do it. If you have something non-essential which you use less than say, once a week, sell it. Oh, and don't but dvd's: buy an external harddrive, rent them out, rip them and give them back.
-Google "life hacks." This one will make your life a million times easier so long as you have common sense.
-Video games, alcohol, drugs, troll the Pit.

Some of these are slightly life-hacky, but they will kill time.
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Besides getting a job, I have two solutions for you: 1. Skyrim 2. StumbleUpon
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Quote by butterfingers30
Besides getting a job, I have two solutions for you: 1. Skyrim 2. StumbleUpon

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