Hi, I purchased this audio interface recently and I've got a question about it. Does it function like a regular sound card, or is it just a tool strictly for recording guitar?

The problem is, that I can have either the guitar playing through the POD Farm, or music playing through my PC standard sound card one at a time, I can't play both - the guitar and the PC music - simultaneously. When I plug my speakers into the Line 6 thing, it just doesn't do anything. That kinda sucks, because I can't play along with music from the computer. A friend of mine with a different audio interface can, so maybe that's the problem.

Does anybody have any experience with this? Hope I've made myself clear enough...thx.
Yeah. I was able to use it as a normal soundcard and use it for my guitar monitoring and playing music at the same time on my old computer (XP), but on my newer computer (Vista) it can't do that for some reason. Or I didn't try hard enough.

Try setting it up as default soundcard.