hey dawgs, I recently began singing, and I've been getting lessons and going through the basic stuff, singing basic songs - but I wanna get into singing rock, I'm into all the 70's kinda zeppelin, sabbath, deep purple, judas priest kinda' bands, and I don't really know where to start, especially because they all sing so damn high and that's what i like lol. which songs would you recommend? also my range is E2-G#4 ish, the if that's of any use
Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water isn't that high vocally, but it's still in that style. Maybe try that. Or the verses up until the end section of Stairway.
Some singer don't really sing that high, it just sounds very high, because to them it is.

Like, if a guy with a low voice would sing a note that is high for his range, it would still be a pretty low note, but it would sound high despite that, because he has to strain his voice.

I hope that makes sense. If you sing really high in your range, it will sound high even if the note itself isn't that high at all.
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