Hey I'm completely new to the world of guitar wiring and I wonder if someone could answer some questions I have regarding coil splitting. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

OK I've looked at the wiring diagrams on the Seymour Duncan site and can't figure out which one I need to use. The guitar is a Les Paul, so it's got 2 humbuckers 2 volumes 2 tones 3 way toggle and all that. I wanna wire it so I can run both humbuckers separately and together, and isolate all 4 individual coils, and possibly run some of those in parallel. Basically, I want to get as many different sounds as possible from the 2 humbuckers with 2 push-pull pots for splitting both buckers (right?)

SD diagrams: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/

Which wiring diagram should I use to attain this?

Also, I read that I need to use push-pull pots for coil splitting, if I want to avoid drilling holes. Is there a specific pot that I should be looking for that would fit the Les Paul nicely? If so, where can I get one? (I live in Canada BTW)

I doubt that you could fit a push pull pot without drilling any holes, but I might be wrong, they are normally around the size of a normal volume or tone pot, the diagram you need is in the humbuckers section, you just need to look for the setup that is on your guitar
you will be able to get the new pots into the old holes no problem. its the depth that will change
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Okaay thanks for clarifying, but which diagram should I follow to be able to use each of the 4 coils by themselves?