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I'm always angry
3 3%
I'm angry most of the time
14 12%
I'm sometimes angry/sometimes not
30 26%
I'm chilled out most of the time
45 38%
I'm chill as fuark
25 21%
Voters: 117.
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Sup Pit,

What are you like when it comes to anger? How quick do you get angry? What things can instantly set you off? Do you spend a lot of time angry? How do you deal with it?


And i don't find myself getting angry ever, so i can't contribute.

umad tho?
When I get suspended from school for doing nothing wrong.
That pisses me off
Other than that I'm chill as fuark
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I used to be a very angry person, but I've mellowed out in the last few years. Hypocrisy and egotism both rile me intensely, but that's just stuff you have to deal with from time to time, I guess. RE: dealing with it (inb4 .gif), I just put on some music. I've kinda accepted that shit happens, and sometimes you just have to take it.
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Usually pissed off at something. Most of the time just menial things that pass after an hour or so though.
People who are always happy at everything just for the sake of it are infuriating.
When I'm alone I'm normally angry. My brain just wonders off and explores the deepest darkest corners of my mind and really ominous or bad thought plague my mind... seriously, I don't like being alone too much because of the things I am capable of thinking, that's why I am either here interacting with you people or with friends...
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You're probably the most respectful person in the Pit.
I'm pretty chilled, but I have been pretty angry for no apparent reason the past month... feels bad man
I'm mellowed out a bit since my angsty teenage years. I still have a short fuse sometimes but my anger usually leaves as quickly as it comes.
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Not even mad

For some reason, that caught me off guard and I burst out laughing.
I'm usually pretty calm, but with a fairly short fuse. Anger usually comes and goes rather quickly with me, however I can hold on to that shit for a while. The things that piss me off the most and quickest are people who are always way too polite for no reason at all, morning people, people that talk like they're God's gift to the world, and complete morons that can't take a hint, mainly because I'm the exact opposite of every single one of these people. I'm polite when it's necessary, I hate waking up in the morning, I think very little of myself, and I can tell when someone's trying to drop a hint.
Some people just wanna watch the world burn. Wanna join me when I take my turn to pour the gas, light the match, see your world flip upside down and drop until it's inside out?
I have a rather short temper but I very rarely lose it. I like to think I have good self control when it comes to that. I'll feel angry, but I don't tend express it.
I shall grant you three wishes.

None of which will work.

Does the above post enrage, offend or confuse you?


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Pretty chilled out. Kinda have to be if you're part of a large family with plenty of kids running around.
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I'm chilled out and pretty relaxed about most things. If someone annoys me though i tend to make it pretty obvious i dislike them.

That & when i drink. I've noticed recently that i've been getting a lot louder and have a much shorter fuse when i'm drunk.
I used to have some serious anger issues, like going from 0 to 10 in a matter of one word.

Now I'm much more chill.
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Received a rejection from the University of Birmingham today. Total bummer.

However, my slight sense of anger vanished after a while when I realised that I wouldn't accept that offer anyway...
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dawg im a bro with mad swag, i just sit there and chill unless someone tries to start shit, then i slap him upside the head and do chill again.
I only ever get angry when I'm deprived of nicotine. Apart from that I'm pretty chill.
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I'm really chilled these days.
A few months back I would get pretty angry every couple of days or so.
I'f I go back a year, my anger was almost non-stop. I'd be pissed off with everything and everybody. I'm not the biggest fan of humans really
I'm almost always angry, but sometimes I have a "moment" where I'm all smiling and laughing for no reason, but then I get angry again. New Yorkers are very hostile people.
I'm usually not angry. I can be cranky when I'm tired/hungry/both, but that's different. I stay intensely mad and ranty for maybe an hour tops, and then it just melts.


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I can get angry pretty quickly, but it usually goes away as quickly as it comes. I'm a pretty happy most of the time.

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It takes alot to piss me off, most of the time I"m extremely laid back. However once I'm mad you don't want to be around me.
Minor things is usually mild or no anger, but if it's something big I go into a fit of rage. But it has to be something serious. I'm levelheaded enough to know when it's not worth it...

When I take my Adderall for my ADD, I get angry/stressed pretty quickly/easily sometimes. Usually I'm just chill though. When I don't take it, I'm usually pretty chill and I barely get angry.
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I'm usually pretty calm... But some people just get me angry just because of their presence.. I don't know why XD

But the thing that usually get me really angry is when people give me a look like they are better than me, or that I am incredibly weird/stupid... I just want to slap people like that sooo hard.. Or when someone starts telling me how much they hate my music. That gets me REALLY angry.
Getting stressed out (which often happens) makes me pretty aggressive.
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I'm constantly pissed off with at least one thing.
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
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My anger is more frustration. I've never been one to physically act on my anger, I just take a sec to breathe and chill the fuck out.
I used to be angry alot, but since I met this girl, she dialled down my anger. But I still get irritated easily though.
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