I am interested in doing a Coheed and Cambria/Shabutie inspired track (or multiple tracks). I am not interested in covering any of there current songs, but I would like to write lyrics inside of this same universe as a sort of tribute to this band. Musically, I would like to do some things rather similar, but of course with some additional experimentation with sounds and composition styles if applicable.

I am looking for ONE devoted individual who would be up for collaborating with me on this project. You will need to have recording equipment, or at least be proficient with Guitar Pro (and I will record everything, as I have equipment). I'd reference you use GP and have recording gear, and some skill as well. I already have one basic song structure with a few riffs in mind. We can collaborate via e-mail, and I will require that at least one new riff or something is produced every week so this actually goes somewhere. If you're interested, post a link to your music (recording or GP files). If you have any questions post them away!
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I totally dig Coheed and Cambria...one of my fav bands of all time.

You can check out tunes I've done in my sig...but all of that is metal tunes, which is obviously different than what you want, so it will probably turn you off, but you can at least see that I know what the hell I'm doing on guitar/recording/writing.

As for what you are suggesting with the lyrical ideas, idk, that might run into legal issues with Coheed....not positive though where the legal boundaries lie on that one.
On the legal issues it should be no problem. That's like saying to black metal bands don't use Lord of the Rings as inspiration for your music. I actually took a listen to your work, it is pretty solid! Metal doesn't turn me off in the slightest, I have a variety of inspirations and have made music in a variety of genres, from poppy tunes to folk rock to post-rock and black metal. Not to mention some electronica as well. If you'd be interesting in doing something like this with me, we can speak further in some PMs or via email for sure.