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So how old were you when you were invited to your first (proper) party?

Poll incoming.

MNEDIT: house parties in specific. and yes alcohol etc.
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I shouldn't have done it.
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I'm guessing a party is only considered proper if it is held for no reason and there's alcohol involved.

There's your reason.
17 for me. It was high school graduation party week, so I ended up going to a series of parties over the course of a couple days. One of them was by far the most ridiculous though. There's pictures of me, blood streaming down my face, while something (I can't really tell what) in the backgroud is on fire, on my friend's Facebook.
About 8... can hardly remember it, someone must have put something in my party bag....
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I got invited to my first party when I was 14 with some distant relatives. I ended up driving back home on the freeway with 5 drunk douchebags in the back seat.
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I remember when my cousin invited some people over when I was 16. There was beer, and me and my other cousin chased drinks of beer with popcorn.

God I was pussy back then!
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I was sucked into this stuff at about 13 but I've mellowed out a little since. Girls are too cruel to chase all the time.

And lets admit the alcohol is just a path to the girls.
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Never been to one. They sound like they're full of stuff I don't like, dancing, alcohol, etc.
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Highschool party? I think I was 15..

I have a memory of my 16th birthday party where I puked from excessive drinking for my first time
sim simma

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14 technically, but I wasn't invited. I was just brought along, got high, went to sleep hours before anyone else, woke up early and went home.
Next one was 16 in college, and the few people still in contact that were present just don't speak of it.
I was 19
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16, halloween party. But I didn't go.
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12. Got drunk off a hilariously small amount of alcohol, made out with an ugly girl, and proceded to vomit. I didn't really get into getting shit faced until I was done with hockey.
I'm 19, still have yet to, and do not want to.
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I've crashed every "proper" party that I've gone to. Not sure why people don't invite me to many, I guess people don't like watching a stranger roll around in ther backyard throwing up at around 11 at night.

16 if memory serves correct.
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16. I passed out in a bath tub. It was great.

Well, at least I'm not the only one.
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who pays five hundred fucking dollars for a burger
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12 or 13. Oh the memories.

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If any party counts, since I was like 5.
Party with alcohol, when I was like 16 (Not a big party-person in high school. My type of party consists of beer, board games, and European football games)
House party, freshman in college
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Parties suck. ForeverAlone FTW

Not going to parties does not result in you being forever alone, bro
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