I started this thread cause i had many questions before buying this guitar and ive seen people asking about it too. So what it is is a extremely cheap (~150$) Williams We-2009 electric guitar, strat style, c shaped neck, no name tuners, 3 single coil pickups and a tremolo system.
I bought it last year, as stupid i was (i didnt even have a try on it), for about 150$.
Before that i was playing acoustic and desperately wanted to move on electric. As i took it out from the box it looked fine, there wasnt any flaws on the wood or on the finish.
But when I tried to play it there was a terrible fret buzz, so i had to adjust the truss rod and raise the strings a little. Then it was almost fine. Next dissapointment was that the control knobs were extremely noisy. I had to turn them all to zero or ten to get it down.
Later i found out it was because of the cheap and crappy cable what came with it.
The tuners are quite crappy, the go out of tune very easily, it makes you not even look at the tremolo system.
The pickups (Wilkinson) are quite decent, for the price, i can say they sound even better clean than my humbuckers on my Ep Les Paul Standard Plus, i bought recently.
After a year of playing its still like brand new, everything is working (well, the pickup switch is a pain in the ass), but for the candy money theres enough of guitar.

And about the amp i would say, replace it as soon as you can. It just sound dull and quiet, even for a 15 watt.

Where i bought it and picture: http://adf.ly/3knfd

Hope that helps someone, and dont mind my english.