That would be tight as ****. I would use that in like drop b at the highest. But you could use it if you want and you'd be fine. I would suggest 11-56 first if you want more tension though
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yeah, i figured it would definitely be tighter. The thing is, i really want the guitar to feel like its in E standard tension-wise. Daddario says that the tensions of these strings at drop C are the same as a standard set of .10s would be in E. Not sure if it'll feel/sound right or if its overkill though :/
I used that set for a while, (12-60, right?) for C standard on an LP and it worked pretty well. (I eventually moved into heavier custom picked strings) I'm not sure I'd use it for DROP C, especially not on a 25.5 scale, but it could be cool if you wanted some lower tuning.

***It's like $7... Go ahead and try it. It shouldn't kill your guitar anyway.
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yeah, im considering it. but im also not sure if the strings are too loose because of string gauge, or because i have 3 springs in the floyd rose (the guitar was originally in standard E and i never added springs for the change in tuning)
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There was a thread about this the other,search it up and you'll get plenty of info
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