We all like/love a few bands that we're embarrassed about. Be it because our friends hate them, they don't fit in to our normal tastes, they're just plain weird, or just feel like you shouldn't like them. But anyway, what are some artists that you find embarrassing that you like?

For me some artists are Rob Zombie, Billy Talent, The Agonist, The Head Cat and SOAD.
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Coldplay. Idgaf, I like them.
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I have no shame for anything I like. I'm open minded and to be embarrassed about something I love just wouldn't make sense!

I don't believe in guilty pleasures, but I'm not exactly proud of my love for 90's pop rock.
(The Verve Pipe, The Wallflowers, Eve 6, The Refreshments, Hootie. . . yes Hootie, Three Doors Down, I'll stop now)
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feuck why would i be embarrased about my taste in music? if i like it i like it...who gives a fuuck what people think about the bands i love....fvuck them all....
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When I was around 14, and all my friends were listening to Korn and Slipknot, I would put on stuff like Frank Zappa and Weather Report with people over. They generally thought it was weird, but I don't think I was actually embarassed about it though. I ended up turning a friend or two into an appriciator of that kind of music.
lets's put it that way; what are the bands you like but you would not want to because you think it will ruin your bad-ass imago... well guess what, it's ruined and still no-one gives a ****

i would understand the question if we would talk about some dirty habits people would like to get rid of
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I'm a punk at heart, but I listen to prog metal like Exivious and Dream Theater. I wouldn't use the term "embarassed" though". More like "unfitting".
Not bands, but I'm not going to go around flaunting my love for "A Whole New World" and other Disney ballads any time soon..

Or the Kingdom Hearts theme songs.
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You should all be embarrassed and self conscious about your terrible music taste. All of the music I enjoy is awesome though.
I'm an asshole.
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You should all be embarrassed and self conscious about your terrible music taste. All of the music I enjoy is awesome though.

It's true.
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