I am a long time guitar player (more then 25 years). I finally find myself interested in a bass. I was given an amp by a friend of mine. Went to the music ahop and loved both of these basses. I couldn't decide. Maybe some of you can help me. Here they are.




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Get a Squier, but there are better models like the Vintage Modified and the Classic Vibe ones.
i personally prefered thesquier and that's why i bought it... i mean, it's like the best beginner bass you can get, and everyone here says it sounds even better than some MIM fenders. so its even more than just a beginner bass. I think there is no better bass for the price, still you may look into Ibanez, Yamaha and Peavey and try some of them before buying. and i couldn't play the 77, but i like 70's better. even though i don't think there might be too much difference in their tone, 77 is agathis, and 70 is maple bodied... and i tend to think maple would be better... still that's a lot of detail probably for nothing, so don't worry about that.
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I own a Squier '77 Vintage Modified Jazz Bass, and the thing absolutely kills. It is the best feeling bass I own, and one of the best sounding. Its my go to for live playing, and for rehearsals. I may still upgrade the pickups at some point, but as is, its a fine instrument, highly recommended.
Definitely go for the Squier - thats one of the better basses for that price range.

In my experience, I'd steer clear of any Epiphone bass guitars.
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