So i have been finally mastered all of my own songs, i have them all down now Im trying get a legit recording in the right time. Honestly I dont know the first thing about recording, my former recordings were straight off the laptop mic. Can someone help me set up a metronome?!? How can you tell what time signature the tune is in?!? Please help.
to tell what signature a tune is in you usually have to listen to the song and find the beats im not gong into detail here but odds are its in 4/4

and to set up a metronome as long as you record everything with the same bpm it should come out fine

actually cant you record all your parts while listening to them?that usually helps so that you dont even need to know the bpm
If you have something that you "tap" and it gives you a number for tempo, just use that along with the beat of the music. Lots of people round off to the nearest 10, but you might find someone who uses multiples of something like 16 (me). So, if you get a number like 162 it's probably a 160 tempo. You'll be able to listen to the song and hear if your tempo is accurate; just keep watching whatever you "tapped" and comparing how well in sync you are with the music.

I know GuitarPro does this "tap" in a window which opens up when you try to change the tempo. Actually, a metronome would probably do this just fine as well; just listen to how well in sync it "clicks" to the music. If you are off by half the tempo or twice as much, (a factor of two) your notes (quarter note, eighth note, etc.) will be either twice as big or twice as small as they should be for convenience, so that is one way to check if your tempo is right. I hope that made sense!

As for the time signature, you need to be able to identify how many beats there are in the bar (on the music) by ear. You can tell a bar by how the music seems to generally repeat after every 1-4 seconds or so depending on your tempo. If you hear 4 beats until the rhythm repeats, you probably have a 4/4 time signature (four [4] quarter notes [4] in a bar). 4/4 is also the most common time signature as well. If you figure it out as something like 16/4 or 8/4 chances are that it is most likely actually 4/4.

In my experience, this takes... experience to be able to do this, so don't worry about it if this makes no sense to you right now. There are plenty of places on the internet where you can read about this stuff too; I believe I figured out tempos and time signatures from Wikipedia.
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