what kind of price range am i looking at to put together a cheap or entry level rig?
my friend suggested the M-audio fast track interface, and i would need a c condenser r mic too but i dont know much about them or anything else i would need anyone got a clue?
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An interface and a microphone is the bare mininum external hardware you would need for a home recording rig.

Also, download what's known as a DAW (digital audio workstation). A DAW gives you the tools to record, sample, edit audio, mix and master a track. Basically, you make songs using one program. You record via the interface. Play piano or synth? A DAW comes with synthesizers and you can get this thing called a MIDI keyboard which lets you play keys. It's pretty marvelous
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^ This. The other alternative is to get a multitracker. They're easier to use, more portable so can be used for band practices, gigs etc. but are obviously less flexible if you needed lots of effects & plugins. They have a good selection of them built in, but it's pretty rare that you can add more.

Aside from 'cheap' (which people have a different perspective of) you don't mention a budget. Also, your intended use will also have a lot of influence on the kit you require.

Finally, you need to check out the Recordings forum. There are dozens of threads on there which already answer this question. This thread should really be there too.
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