Hey guys,

Just wanted to get some feedback on my band Palace.
We're an aspiring crusty hardcore band from New Jersey, and recorded a demo not too long ago, which you can check out at http://www.facebook.com/palaceband.

We're inspired by the likes of Skitsystem, Nux Vomica, Skarp, NAILS, ...and once we're out of writing mode we'll be playing some shows in the NJ/NYC area.

Any comments are welcome, let us know what you think!
First of all, your name is really cool. It evokes some sort of stained-glass majesty, I guess, which is totally, hilariously, inappropriate for the kind of music you're making. The music is really cool too; its out of control and dangerous and borderline psychotic, and completely the opposite of a wonderful palace with murals of cherubs on the ceiling. I dig it.
Thanks for the kind words FrauV.

That's what we were goin' for with the name. We were def trying to give the impression of something classier/elegant, and then when you actually hear the music it's like "wtf?" haha.

Thanks again!