i started learning guitar about 11 months ago, and am self taught as well as gotten plenty of help from my other friends who play guitar. as of right now i can alternate pick and gallop pick very well as well as play a varitety of types of chords, barre chords still give me a bit of trouble here and there, i have learned how to play fade to black, angry again, enter sandman seek and destroy (minus solos) as far as whole songs go and can play many other riffs. My only concern is either than enter sandman which is easy i have a hard time playing the others perfect, am i not progessing well if i can't play these songs perfect after practicing them off and on for the past 8 months , any tips would be appreciated
If you're progressing at all then it's all good. There is no right speed to move forward at because everyone learns in different ways.

Quite aside from which there's no way for us to know how good you actually are just from you telling us what you think you can do, if we could see or hear you play we might very well disagree with you about what you can do.
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get a guitar teacher like me lol, im 16 and been playing for 5 years i think
If you want people to tell you how you're doing then they need to hear or see you play - so you'll need to post a video or some mp3's to your profile otherwise i'll have to lock the thread.
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if you can play that sort of stuff, you probably have a reasonable grasp of the basic skills.

if, however, you feel that you aren't progressing fast enough for your liking, its probably because you aren't learning any theory. from what you've described thus far, it seems that all you've done is learn songs. thats all fine and dandy, but it doesn't actually teach you how to play guitar.

pick up some theory and technique books (hal leonard stuff is usually pretty good). really make sure that you are doing all the elements of your playing correctly. learning theory and good technique will not only allow you to learn songs faster (its not random notes, if you can recognize whats going on theory wise its super easy to learn a song), you'll be able to write your own stuff, improvise and learn by ear
i'll try and post some recordings of some of the stuff i play, and i have actually been studying theory quite a bit in my free time and am getting better at that kind of stuff, its more or less my techinque that's i'm not happy with right now, i can some times sound a little bit sloppy some times, mainly my picking hand.

i'll def. try and post some recordins tonight or tommorow