So i got the music recording program called Reaper a while ago...
It feature a video editing function.
Does anyone of you know how to make a splitscreen effect here? For guitar vids and stuff like that?
Sorry but i have done research in google, but couldnt find anything...
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This is the best thing in the world.
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A quick google search says AVI and MKV formats, with support of others if you install some extra software.

This is the first i'm hearing about this, and requires that I now play around with it and find out what it can do.


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Whoa whoa whoa,

it edits videos?

I'm only interested if it can TIME effects in with the music/bpm, because that would be rad.

That's what it looks like you can do. It opens the video in a separate window, and the audio has it's own track along with the other music tracks.
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