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I live with a buddy and have used his ps3 for a while, but finally ended up getting my own. I'm just wondering if there's a way to get the data from all the games I've played. I've put in a ridiculous amount of time in a baseball game, and I'm like 10 seasons in, dont really wanna lose all the time I've played. Is there a way to copy the data from on to the other? Will it matter if I create my own profile and not keep going under his PS3 name?

You can copy it onto a USB drive. You can either do individual files or a complete backup. It works with most of them, but occasionally you'll run into one that doesn't allow it (usually for anti-cheating purposes).

Do you mean his username or his PSN? The former won't affect anything, the latter will affect anything online.

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a baseball game? why would you play a baseball game
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hah thanks a bunch guys! haha and honestly, not sure how baseball got me so hooked, its the show 2010, i just love the hitting haha
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a baseball game? why would you play a baseball game

Everyone has different tastes
Sports games can get ridiculously addicting at times too IMO ^
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