Hey guys, just realised I never showed off my electric ukulele which I built a few years ago (though I may have posted it a couple of times in other threads), so I thought I'd share it with y'all:

The uke, with Douglas Fir body, oak neck and half of a p-bass pickup:

And the incomplete case (I started this about the same time as the uke, and still haven't finished it):

This was sort of a build-up to making a full-scale guitar, and it sounds pretty good IMO. Only issue is the size of the fretwire c.f. the strings gives the effect of scalloped frets, but that's a fairly minor gripe overall.
I'm wanting to do the same thing with a Telecaster body! Very cool!
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I can't really remember, but it can't have been more than $100NZD. The biggest expense, as with any guitar, was the pickups.

I already had the lumber, tool steel (for the bridge) and SS lying around the house, so it was dirt cheap really.